Tuesday, August 9, 2011

a weekend of kindred spirits

It was a delightful weekend.
I don't have many pictures to prove it, but these few make me pretty happy.
It was a weekend in which so many of our ideals and goals were reignited.

On Friday we visited Mike's co-worker who lives quite close to us in another old homestead.  She offered some of her perennials for fall planting and gave us so many fun and unique ideas for gardens and decor.

On Saturday we got together with our new friends over {husbands and all this time}.  We dug some new potatoes and used green onion from the garden to make potato salad.  We enjoyed that with grilled ham, tomato and cheese sandwiches and local corn on the cob.  Kira made a deliciously fresh peach tart with whipped cream.  The kids played in the impromptu sand box I made out of one of our front flower beds while we talked about milking cows, autoharps, and chicken coops.  The kids were dirty, sweaty, happy messes by the time 8 o'clock rolled around.  We went to bed talking about making our whole yard into a wild mess of food and flowers and the possibilities of a milking cow.  We are in the right place. We are surrounded by the right people.

On Sunday we were invited to another local family's home in the country for tea and gleaned strawberry crumble.  There, amidst the trees, lives a family of collectors; an artist, a hunter and their delightful homeschooled daughter.  It was inspiring on yet another level.  We have wanted to homeschool since before we even had our kids; it just seems so right for us.  This visit quelled any persistent fears we may have had with regards to socialization.  My biggest worry, I think, has been whether or not we are, in fact, enough.  They assured us that we are.  I am planning an entire post on homeschooling later this week and will speak more deeply on the topic at that time.  Just as we were leaving, Michele left me with the most wonderful image as she told me about reading Little House on the Prairie snuggled up in a chair while the snow swirled outside and her kids telling her 'this is bliss'.  Yes, that sound like the very definition of bliss.  Our plan to homeschool is in full force and unshakable.

Oh yes, we are on the right path.

go gently + be wonderful



  1. so happy for you Erin.. glad you're finding your slice of 'bliss' in your corner of the woods. Muchu kudos to you for wanting to home-school - takes a real committed mama (usually, unless Dad's home) and a dedicated spirit... I'm still undecided at this point (I like to stall such huge decisions!) ;o)

  2. Lovely photos + words!
    We started on our homeschooling journey last year, when our oldest was in first grade. We just weren't jiving with public school. I had also been thinking of homeschooling since my girls were littles, but I didn't think I had the tools in my proverbial arsenal to do it. We took the plunge and are SO happy we did. I wish we had started out homeschooling!

  3. Erin, my heart feels a deep contentment and joy for you upon reading this. I wish you continued blessings for a well lived life of meaning and beauty.

  4. It sounds like you are on the right path to where you and your family want to be. What a lovely update.

  5. I've been following your blog for awhile but this is the first comment I've posted - it sounds like you had a wonderful weekend, the pictures you took are so lovely, and I can't wait to read your post on home schooling.


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