Friday, August 5, 2011

Smitten the kitten + a blue bedroom

Much to the chagrin of my husband, I have been sneaking away in the evenings and weekends to get the upstairs painted.  Our three bedrooms are all in the upstairs of the original log home built in 1908.  All of the wood paneling was stained a horrid dark colour with even darker trim.  The walls that were painted were a gag-me dank yellow.  I should also mention that the walls are made up of a patchwork of something slightly better than cardboard (the name and  logic for covering walls with this material escapes me).  The previous owner started covering it with slats of pine which, when painted out in white and soft grey look rather beachy.  It looks like they stopped this project as soon as the sale papers were signed though.

On the floors we have a horrid old orange carpet.  I am not sure when it was ever acceptable to put such an ugly thing into one's house, but alas here we are.  I had planned to rip it up and paint the plywood in fresh white until we could put money into a new floor, but so far I have found painted linoleum, chip board, plywood in another uneven patchwork pattern.  I haven't come up with a solution for that yet.

I am happy to report that the upstairs painting is done.  Poppy's room is a soft candy pink with white.  The spare room is  verdgris blue and white.  I just need to paint the black and butterscotch stairs out in white and figure out a solution for the floor.

::Edit:: The swag light was in natural wood and left here by the previous owners so I gave it a coat of white spray paint to freshen it up.  I did the same thing with one of the m any old frames we found in my Gramma's studio and a rather hideous mounted piece of driftwood (seen on top right of the dresser) I found at our local Value Village.  I will add wire to the frame and hang earrings on it and I hang little bits of jewelry on the driftwood as well.

In other news, our dear friends showed up for a visit on Saturday and just happened to bring along the last kitten she needed to find a home for.  Needless to say, the kitten stayed.  We weren't in the market for another cat, but he was just too snuggly and tolerant of the kids and dog not to keep.  Mike named him (we originally thought it was a she) Smitten.  He is rather darling wouldn't you say?

Happy weekend friends

go gently + be wonderful



  1. That is one seriously cute kitten. As for your walls, I myself really love the patchwork look, it has an antique seaside cottage quality to me - perhaps because it reminds me of my childhood home by the sea! The walls there really were patched with cardboard and driftwood and whatever my grandfather could hammer on to them. They breathe in the breeze! Your walls look beautiful. But good luck with the carpet!

  2. oh what a Smitten kitten! Love the name: purrfect!
    Also love that swag lamp in the 2nd photo, and the empty frame on the wall! Delightful :)

  3. Smitten! I just love that name. Happy to hear that your home is coming along xox

  4. I know exactly the stuff you're talking about...our first home was covered with the was cardboardy, warpy, kinda squisy in, we ripped up so much weird flooring. We painted wood panelling. It's such a crapshoot when you start removing layers of other people's bad never know what you'll find, but hope it's WOOD! We moved out of that place before finishing it, and I SWORE I would never strip wallpaper again. It's a labour of love, for sure! I'm amazed you've managed what you have with two little ones underfoot! The bedroom is SO serene and beautiful. Love the colour! I've just bought paint for our old horrible kitchen but haven't been able to face the tremendous job of DOING it. Consider me inspired!

  5. I am completely smitten with Smitten. I just had to say it, sorry. Pretty smitten with this neato little blog too. See, I don't think I'll ever be as cool as you in the DIY department. Damn, girl. :) And I love the blue too. Blue is very, very healing.


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