Monday, August 15, 2011

The Simple Life Series


Sometimes we need beautiful reminders to gently set us back on our path.

I have been working on this new series of photographs.  I've paired my photos with good words to encourage the simple, boundless life.

A unique piece of art for your wall or inspiration wall.
A meaningful gift.

They will be signed and packed with love into a clear plastic sleeve with a 9" x 12" white backing for added protection.

You can view the full series here.
These will be available at the 2011 Peterborough Folk Festival.

go gently + be wonderful



  1. These are sweet...must 'pin' them so I can order a few once my kitchen is repainted!

  2. hi. i have a shop in halifax selling canadian handmade and love these photos and would love to show/sell them. contact me back with regard to your photography (& jewellery?)

  3. These are beautiful, and those are very wise words about breakfast. When is the Peterborough Folk Festival? I have good friends there and it would be a wonderful reason to head up for a few days.


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