Thursday, August 4, 2011

childhood haunts

Thinking back, I had a lot of good places to run when I was a child.  This weekend I was able to revisit and share one of those good places with my own children and husband.  My step mother's family has owned and summered on an island in Lake Ontario for generations now.
I have good memories of this place running free with my cousins.  I remember happy hour.  I remember begging for a Loonie so we could boat over to the store for candy after supper every night.  I remember wanting to go swimming only to find that the Grinch (my Uncle Len) had stolen them and sent us on a wild scavenger hunt around the island to find them.  I remember the smells.  I remember the campfires on the point.  I remember honking our horn as we arrived on the mainland and then waving frantically on the dock (in a pre -cellphone world) in hopes that someone would hear you and hop in the boat to pick you up.  I remember seeing the huge cement boat going by in the distance and racing to get our bathing suits on to catch the giant waves that would soon follow.  I remember swimming to the raft and playing in stormy waters in our life jackets.  I remember falling asleep waterlogged and happy.  I remember the cold rainy days spent playing games and reading inside.

There were a lot of sad and disappointing things about my childhood, but there were a lot of good things too. This place and these memories are most definitely one of those good things.

I choose to hold onto those.

go gently + be wonderful



  1. Sounds very much like my maternal grandparents place in Cobourg. I sure remember those cement boats and the wake they would stir up!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Reminds me of days at my cousins' cottage in Temiskaming...I had totally forgotten about frantically trying to get into the water before those big waves hit! Don't you wonder what your children will remember? I love it now that traditions are finally emerging in our life as a family (after years of newborn/toddler chaos) and thinking about the gift we give our children when we give them a carefree childhood...full of dry towels, clean beds, baths when they need it, and space to grow and play...beautiful, thought-provoking post.


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