Friday, June 17, 2011

she has come undone.

I love the suspense and promise of the peony.

How perfectly elegant + frivolous they are.
Like the puffed sleeves Anne so desperately wanted Marilla to sew onto her dress for the Strawberry Social.
{or was it the Ice Cream Social?}
Or the fluffy icing on a tall white cake.
Or the colour of ballet slippers.
Or swan feathers.

Sometimes, when I let my mind wander, it nestles into the petals of a peony, listens to the gossip of passing bumble bees, and just moments before quiet slumber swaddles me in her blanket, I remember where I came from.

The wind and the clouds and good summer dreams are held within these petals.

go gently + be wonderful



  1. so delicate, so weighty, so frilly.

    we were on vacation when mine bloomed this year.

    just saw the ants starting to try to get in and then when we returned they had gone away.

    ah, seasons.

  2. They're the one "heritage" kind of flower not already growing on our homestead...must plant some to enjoy their "puffed sleeves" next spring. Your photos are beautiful...I can almost smell them.

  3. the anne reference just made my day!

  4. oh, thank you for appreciating the peony! When we bought our farm, the flowers bloomed the first year and never again. Every year I did everything you're supposed to with no luck. 8 years later, for some reason not known to me, they have bloomed again! It is almost like the flowers have finally accepted us as residents here. There is something magic in what they bring to the world.


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