Tuesday, June 14, 2011

beauty in the details

Today I am.

::Wishing:: my handsome husband a Happy Fourth Wedding Anniversary and nearly eight years of "together".

::Trying:: to make this a good day despite the interrupted sleep {6 times} and a much too early start for some cranky and sick kidlets.

::Thinking:: I am going to want/need a do-over.

::Craving::  Doritos + chocolate.

::Wearing::  Yesterday's pants upon which Poppy leaked pee onto while cuddling after her nap.

::Hearing::  The furnace.  In June.

::Needing::  Some romance and a tan.

::Smelling::  A hint of yesterdays's homemade dill + garlic and sun dried tomato + basil crackers.

::Looking:: Forward to a drive, a walk and some ice cream tonight upon Mike's arrival.

::Remembering::  The beauty is in the details...trying anyway.

go gently + be wonderful



  1. way to keep all those 'senses' alive and humming to the beat of your day sweet mama.
    Wishing you guys all the bestest on this day that marks your love - and the loves you've made!

    p.s.. make a freakin' book of your awesome photography - I'll be first in line to buy (a signed copy - with little hearts - of course!).

  2. try, try again. <3 beautiful photos!

  3. I love posts like this. :)

    This weather is stupid. STUPID!


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