Wednesday, June 15, 2011

the joys of making it yourself

Now that getting a chocolate bar involves a significant and wasteful car ride I have become more resourceful.  I was raiding the cupboards for something sweet last week when I came across the milk chocolate chips and a jar of unsalted almonds. Growing tired of eating plain chocolate chips, I melted the chocolate and spread half of it onto waxed paper, sprinkled it with the almonds, drizzled it with the remaining chocolate, and, because I couldn't wait a second longer than absolutely necessary, placed it in the freezer to set.

Another favourite is dipping strawberries in said chocolate which, as you will see in the photo below, Poppy got her hands on fresh out of the bath.  

Not rocket science, I know, but you have to admit it is a little more refined than scarfing down Chipits straight from the bag.

Next up, I will share a basic cracker recipe.

P.S.  I am rather in love with my new header also made myself.

go gently + be wonderful



  1. Yum! I love your new header too. Nice job.

  2. ack! All the things I love.. chocolate, and cuteness - Poppy poopey face ;o). I am swooning over you header font and bird... sheesh. I don't want to keep commenting here (ahem, stalker.) but you make posts too irresistable to pass up. stop it. ok... dont.

  3. I need to do this. Definitely a step up from eating plain chocolate chips on top of spoonfuls of peanut butter... as I have been doing of late... eep!

    Great header! Unfurling! LOVE IT!

  4. hahahahha that chocolate face is to die for. :) and yes, making it yourself is the best. sometimes i just need breaks from it, which is where a good restaurant comes in.

  5. Your new header is lovely! We're on a big kick of being resourceful and using what we have, too, and this is a perfect example of how rewarding that can be. What a sweet little face! :)

  6. We are heading to my sisters camp (between Bancroft and Wilberforce) this weekend. I am definitely going to whip up a batch of this decandent goodness to take along for a treat. Lots of chocolate gathering dust in our cupboard since the smoking habit was tossed out with the weeks garbage....I wonder why that is????
    Loooovvvvveeee the gooey face! Was she a wild thing for the next 12 or so hours?? K.

  7. I adore that bird silhouette perched on the "f"!


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