Friday, May 21, 2010

objects of my affection

Time to share more goodness I have stumbled upon while searching out supplies and projects to make and sell at the farmers' market...

The discovery of Japanese Masking Tape! {photo source}

Pretty much everything in {this shop}

Ok, and {this shop} too...

Sea Shore Dress from {this shop}

this print from {this shop}

I have ogled the many prettyful prints in {this shop} for years now.

How could I refuse buying these two perfumes from {this shop}
Ok, and maybe a lilac one from {this shop}
{But seriously, to only buy these perfumes out of this whole list takes some crazy willpower}

One day I plan on getting my figure back...and I will wear sweet dresses like {this} without jeans.
*le sigh*

I think Mike would look super cute in {this shirt}
{men+honey bees=super cute}

Last, but certainly not least, these prints in {this shop}
{Might I add that they were also taken with the same film camera I ordered from ebay a couple of weeks ago...}

What are you lusting after?

go gently & be wonderful


  1. Oh, man! I love that dress! I'm not quite sure that I am sleek enough for it either, though. But it is lovely.

  2. I just ordered some perfume because of your post! Love all of these.

  3. Thank you for sharing these lovely things! I wish I had the physique to wear that dark grey dress! When I attempt to wear things like that, I just look pregnant. :( It doesn't help that I'm a big build - 5'9 and football shoulders. :P

  4. Mmm, what a lovely list!

    I've taken to wearing just a little essential oil dabbed on my neck.... rosemary & lavender these days.

  5. Such lovely things! I am about to order some of the lilac perfume too... its my absolute favourite scent in the world! And I have been getting in touch with "hands on" creating and have become attracted to stamping... found some neat sets in the PrettyTape store which I am also getting... Thank you for sharing! :)


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