Friday, May 14, 2010

fresh paint & ice cream

I painted the living room blue.
It makes my heart glad.
See more pics here.

Tonight we finally decided to chase down the ice cream truck that has driven by our house each and every warm night playing happy music to treat Poppy to her first strawberry sundae.

Daddy dressed me and fed me ice cream.
It's good to be me.

go gently & be wonderful


  1. The blue in your living room looks fantastic! It's so inviting and happy. And your Poppy has to be one of the most beautiful and vibrant little girls I've ever seen.

  2. Oh gosh, is she even wearing ice cream shoes?? Too sweet!

  3. The room looks gorgeous. Love how her shoes match her ice cream! xo m.

  4. Love the house pictures..found your blog and i like your style :)

  5. :) we might be painting the house next week! we chose a soft gray color

  6. oh. my. goodness. She is so adorable!!! and i LOVE the color!!

  7. That is an excellent color... your home looks so cozy and inviting.

    I think that Poppy has found a new favorite on her food list! Your shoes are so sweet!! :)

  8. Hehe! You do know now that every time the ice cream truck passes, she is going to want to chase it down!


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