Tuesday, May 11, 2010

I have decided to give my heart to film. 

Not because I think it will make me rich or famous, but because it feels right and honest.  The more I look at film photos, the more deeply in love I tumble.  The light grain, the depth, the richness, the colour and the honesty.  I want it to be my main focus and expression of what I see.

If I am being honest with myself, I can't say that I have given the craft and science of photography my whole heart ever, but now is the time.  Shutter speed, aperture and ISOs are mysteries to me despite the amount of reading and research I do, but I realize that it can't be impossible.  In  my previous post, I mentioned that these settings don't interest me {and they really don't} but I must make fast friends with them so as not to waste money on rolls and rolls of film.

My film SLR light meter is broken and have no idea how to set the shutter and aperture without it.  My DSLR makes it far too easy to use the auto setting.  So after a little research, I decided to purchase a used Lomo LC-A on Ebay for an in between film ice breaker sort of plan.  I plan to make use of all of the cameras I am so blessed to have, but I need to restart the process and take the time with each step without being overwhelmed.  Work my way up and enjoy the small victories.  Take the time and realize the value of each frame.  In a world of digital cameras and photoshop {an art in and of itself} anyone can take an impressive shot, but I am learning that knowing how to use the camera and having the eye is the greatest talent of all.

Until I master the manual settings of a camera, I cannot, and will not consider myself a "photographer".  And so, I need to do it for myself.

go gently & be wonderful

P.S.  If anyone has vintage film camera or affordable light meter suggestions, I would love to hear from you.


  1. Do you know what you would love even more? Your own dark room. That is a truly magical experience. (And easier than all that shutter speed crap ;) I took a six week course at Western and it was so much fun...and at the time it made film processing cheaper. I'm not sure if it would still be the case.

  2. I too fell in love with film. I took it in highschool and actually won the photography award one year. We did a lot of dark room stuff at home and my graduation gift was a slide scanner (it was impressive at the time!) Then digital came along and I have been there ever since. Plus there was the new love affair that I started with clay and that seems to have taken over! Paul does the photography and it seems to be his passion.
    I have a bunch of stuff in my box of treasures that I can send you. Books and such (i think)
    Did you look into getting a light meter that you attach to the camera instead of getting your old one fixed?

  3. Oh film, I love it so. You are right it is undeniably honest. Where I live the camera was invented so the national photography museum is here as well as many public dark rooms. I can go for hours in that museum looking at the beautiful film photographs--there is something decidedly lovely about them!

  4. I really ought to dig out my old film cameras from their hiding spot in our basement -- I keep meaning to get back into film!

  5. film is where it is at, good for you!!
    hey, and if anyone drops a bug in your ear about where to find a good medium format, pass the word!
    : ) a.

  6. Beautiful blog you have, I found it on Natalie Creates. Best wishes, Ida in Norway


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