Wednesday, May 5, 2010

begin weaving and the Universe will provide the thread...

I am learning to enjoy the process of planting, digging, weeding, transplanting, seeding, and getting dirty. Getting dirty and allowing Poppy to get dirty is a little difficult for me, but I am getting better at it. Poppy, on the other hand is a complete natural and a pretty great teacher. She sprinkles dog food, dirt, cereal and toys like it's fairy dust, dips her half eaten apples into the earth, plays in every ounce of available water as though it were her very own swimming hole, and never stays clean for longer than 10 minutes. Lucky for me her love for bubbles and baths is equal to her love of grime and dirt.

I wake in the middle of the night with my to do list scrolling through my mind and my limbs twitch with some returning creativity. I am busier and more joyful than I have ever been and am often astonished that I ever thought staying home with Poppy couldn't happen. I am a huge believer in making a decision and allowing the Universe to rise up to meet me and encourage others to take a leap towards what matters to you regardless of how impossible it seems. People arrive in your life, opportunities present themselves and life flows through you.

I used to blog nearly everyday, but sometimes feel like I have nothing of great importance to say. I am trying to re-learn the art of recording daily life as bland or as normal as it may be and remember the magic of so many moments.

grass seed planted
gramma's car has been sold
one good sized clump of rhubarb and an unknown amount of lilies have been transplanted from our nice neighbour's yard
crafting supplies have been ordered
bills, taxes and loans have been paid
13 wild cedar and spruce trees have been planted along the crooked fence courtesy of my step dad
a peaceful nook perfect for picnics, naps, reading, sipping and chatting has been created under a tree complete with two Muskoka chairs {an early birthday present from my mom}, a butterfly house, and a galvanized tub full of mums
Poppy has learned to twirl herself dizzy and climb to the top of the stairs {not always in that order}
the rain has made every leaf, bud, and seed swell and explode into a most lovely chorus of colour and dance

This has been the most seductive and intoxicating I have ever remembered a Spring to ever be!

P.S. I you have the time, I would so appreciate your feedback on the photos I have narrowed it down to "feature" at the Bobcaygeon Farmers' Market this summer. Go HERE and let me know what photos are your favourites or that you would like to see if I were coming to your local market.

I am trying to stay with a summer vintage, fresh, simple sort of theme and will be creating wallet sized glass magnets with copper tape frames, inspirataion clothesline sets with 5x5 prints, and 5x5 prints mounted on stained wood.

In return, I will send a random reader one of their faves in a surprise format chosen by yours truly. To enter/help out please leave a comment on this post with the photo numbers of your favourite shots and I will announce a random winner on Monday, May 10th, 2010! Please note that I won't be able to include you in the draw unless you leave a comment so those who have already helped out on Facebook and want to be entered be sure to leave a comment here!

go gently & be wonderful


  1. #'s 8, 15 and 25 are lovely. So glad you are back;)

  2. #2,#8, #13,#27. I love the title of this post as well! I also think there is something liberating about putting your daily events to ink(or on a blog-modern times eh?)Reflection is such a clensing element. We need to do it more often.

  3. I LOVE the mug one. But hey I am a potter so of course I am drawn to that one. i also like both the ones with the daisies. The felted soap as well as the spinning wheel. I am going through a fiber obsession. The horse is also stunning. I wonder what he/she is thinking?

  4. Love, love, love the chickens! they actually look like they are in love! great work!

  5. Sunflower StaceyMay 5, 2010 at 6:17 PM

    I love the rustic photos the chair with the twine! my personal fave ( I believe I own the fridge magnet )The more rustic the better! The flower pics are also very pretty and colourful. I am excited to see your shop in person soon I feel a road trip coming on

  6. I loved and 'liked' so many I can't even remember them all! You capture the essence of summer, vintage sweetness so beautifully, Erin! And I do hope you blog everyday. I love reading people's daily lives when I know them and feel like they're friends. I love being in their homes in a way, and learning about the quirks, and triumphs of their days. (esp yours!) xo

  7. flat spoons, rocks and feather and chooks.... those are my faves... but they're all lovely! xo m.

  8. LOVE the chickens!

    and I'm with you on the kiddos in the dirt {eek...but I'm learning} and also with finding my comfortable place in blogging. I've gotten to the point where I jsut expect things to always be changing...universe's way of keeping this mama on her toes!
    Thanks E!

  9. Oh to pick...
    Faves-- 8 12 13(the texture wow!) 15 21 25 and 29. Do enjoy reading your blog.

  10. Oh gosh... those chickens are too cute for words. And I love the plant markers -- just beautiful!

  11. I just love the picture with the dresser, bowl, and flowers. It is so simple and lovely. I see 'summer, vintage, fresh' when I look at that photo. Really, all of your photos are lovely--you have a talent!

  12. Beautiful photos. Here are my favourites:3,8,9, 10, 25, 29

    Good luck with the gardening, crafting and the farmer's market.

  13. It's so hard to pick! I love your photos and your work--I've said before that you bring me to a place of peace and calm (something hard to come by these days)--simply by sharing your honest work. Thank you for that. I think my favorites are: 24, 13, 14 and 22.

  14. i love the daisies in the field . . . it feels sparse, yet peaceful to me.

    i also like the baskets in the shed, the coffee cup, and the lace curtain.

    what lovely pics to pick from!


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