Thursday, June 3, 2010

good rain + thirsty earth
cheering our young garden seedlings to life

feeling a deep need to unravel + sprout myself
searching for my words
more purging

aching to see the world with fresh eyes
a change of scenery

time to look inside + change what I don't like
stop running + distracting myself
in that sly way I seemingly love to self-sabotage



  1. oh it is so sly, the way self sabotaging sneaks in and starts choreographing your every move. disgust. i don't understand it really. but once we are onto it, watch out you sneaky fu*****!! us strong women will not take it. no no no! we love ourselves actually. why do you try and convince otherwise? why why why? i would like to understand.

    you asked how i am in the creative zone.... i just need to pin myself down. i have so much going on, in the head with ideas and such. bringing it in and focusing would do me wonders right about now. and breathing.


  2. oh, that saboteur is a sly fox! i think we are all familiar with what you speak of. as a ridiculous "creature of habit", it can be hard for me to fully embrace change...
    but if there is one thing life is teaching me, especially as a mama...especially as a mama who is now employed as an adjunt professor...I have to get usued to change; run toward it and embrace it like you would a wave that is comming in a bit to big and fast. It is going to break, what will I make of it?

  3. Hope the weekend brings this sense of rebirth to you. xo m.

  4. Wondering how you've been.
    Hope you are well!


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