Thursday, April 22, 2010

I spent the morning making felted soap "pebbles" and silverware plant markers {pictires to come} in the cool wind today. The sun wasn't as friendly as it has been so with runny noses and cold fingers, Poppy and I came back into the warmth of the house. I haven't been able to stay inside for more than a few mintues it seems since the nice weather hit last month and it has been wonderful.

Today though, I thought I would let Poppy nap upstairs rather than outside while I searched for Farmers' Market supplies online. Now the only problem with this activity is that I can't avoid all the lovely treasures for sale mixed in with the supplies! So I thought now would be a good time to compile a list of favourites that are haunting me...some oldies and some newbies. After all I do have a 30th birthday, a Mother's Day and a Wedding Anniversary coming up ;)


Vintage Fans print

A most lovely hair clip

Tub Caddy
One day soon I will have my clawfoot tub in which I will sip tea and write letters by candlelight. A bit spendy for something I could easily make myself, but isn't that picture just so romantic!

A sweet interpretation of the traditional locket. I guess I would need four {gasp} birthsones/eggs

This is just so pretty and practical entertainment for a nursing baby {or for diaper change distractions}

Oh so lovely for oh so many reasons!

I will need a sling for the newborn stage before moving back to the Ergo and these are just lovely!

Too sweet
, but would these newbie kntting fingers know what to do with such a sweet little pattern?!

simply perfect.

I could do this for days. Seriously. But I should really get back to business!

go gently & be wonderful



  1. such a lovely list and I think I'm going to have to figure out how to make one of those tub caddys for myself.

  2. While Albert spends his free time searching Kijji, I spend my free time on Etsy! I love it! Some of those items would be a splendid gift for sure!

  3. Frankly, I love everything you have selected here but my heart strings are GREATLY plucked by that tub caddy since my two guiltiest pleasures are letter writing and bathing.

  4. That little dress is so sweet...I think I'll need to ask my mom to help me make one...step outside my purl stitch for a second!
    You find such fun things!

  5. Hello, this is my first time here, its a lovely place. i had to comment on the tub caddy. my husband made one for me when i was in nursing school like 20 years ago so i could study in the tub, it was much less stressful:)

  6. oh, i am so inspired by the tub caddy! yes, i am going to go look at the saved old wood boards in the shed!!! how do u find all those links? i love them all. i have a knitting book recommendation for u. barbara walker's knitting patterns...or something like that. i am such a new knitter too. and i am learning so many knew stitches with her book, and it's fun. i got it at the library. just renewed it. i learned ssk, yo, and psso last week! what have you been learning?


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