Tuesday, April 27, 2010

House Beautiful

Tea For Joy & seesaw

Country Living

The cold wind is keeping us snuggled up inside today.
Snuggled up and admiring the beautiful works and creations of others.
Feeling a little stuck.
Feeling a little inadequate and lost with my own creativity.
Wishing so many of the ideas I see were my own.
Aching for a clean slate and fresh paint.
A new perspective.
I can't seem to satisfy the need to purge what I don't love or use despite truckloads gone to charity, neighbours, for sale, and to the dump.

Sometimes the thought of learning everything I want to learn stops me in my tracks.
Lens flare, soft muted tones, vintage blur, Polaroids, film, photoshop.
Metal stamped jewelry.
Silk screening.
Basic woodworking.
Waldorf lifestyle & celebrations
Canning & preserving

Will I ever see myself as the artist I so yearn to be?

go gently & be wonderful



  1. You may not see it but we do. I think that wanting to be and artist is more than half way to being there. Some of my failures at the wheel are some of my greatest creations. Waldorf scares the crap out of me. So many rules and changes. You are amazing just as you are, Poppy knows only that her Mama is the most amazing woman in the world, I think we should look at ourselves through their eyes every once in a while. Helps me to see myself differently.

  2. you are that artist all ready. Have confidence in yourself. Everything you have made so far as been nothing short of beautiful.

  3. you have such a great style. i think blog surfing can be so intimidating sometimes. its hard not to second guess yourself or feel inadequate. i relate to what you are saying in a big way. i skip from idea to idea, my head spins and spills with things to learn and make. i have piles of books from the library on so many subjects i will never have the time to get to them all. being creative is such a high and should be fun, not stressful. easier said sometimes. go gentle on yourself, you are wonderful:)

  4. You are a true artist--your eye for beauty is amazing.

  5. You are indeed an artist. Truly, each of us is an artist --- in our own way. Your work is amazing. You are amazing.

    Keep your face to sun and others will follow.

  6. I hear you. Do what you can when you can and give it your all. We are all inspired...even the people who's work you are loving were inpired by someone or something.
    Keep doing what your doing : )

  7. You are the artist that we see.

    A cool book that outlines everything from canning/preserving, basic woodworking to advanced (ie. how to build a cabin!), basketry, grafting trees, etc...


  8. You are not alone in your quest to simplify, streamline, find your own groove... Only you can decide when you are "there" and you should never find that place if you are always growing. There will be times when your creative desires and energy will just need a rest. We all get "stuck". Be kind to yourself. I too feel that my creative efforts become stale soon after they are put down. I feel helter skelter, all over the place some days. My house seems to be a constant mess of pots, pans, spoons, rolling pins, books, paper, crafts, couch cushions, blocks, beads, baskets of laundry- dirty and clean, all merging together as though a gust of wind just lifted everything up and sprinkled it about the house. I too dream of fresh open spaces, clear and free of clutter, but have come to realize that the effort required to maintain this simplicity and perfect showcase order is exhausting and brings me down, stifles the flow I need to make stuff. The only thing I know for certain is that I have lots of idead and plans and that my babies are well fed, clean, healthy and happy. Believe in yourself, hold your head high even when you might feel scattered, it is the whirlwind of ideas within that emerge as beautiful masterpieces.. photographs and crafts, just let go... and glide with it!! It is as real as it gets!

  9. We see that artist in you, through your words, through your photos, in Poppy's eyes. You will see her too <3


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