Thursday, November 3, 2011


I get lost when I let my writing lapse.
I miss having the record of our days.
I forget how to inspire myself.

Right now...

I have much to do, but can't seem to find the space or time.
We are following a wheat free diet and enjoy eating even more made from scratch food.
Two months after breaking ground, the chicken coop is finally complete and home to 6 happy, organic chickens from Ellenberger Organic Farm.
We lost a giant pine beside the house.
In her honour, we have begun laying cardboard and leaves for a new garden where her branches once cast shade.
Silas is sleeping through the night and weaned.
I have been wearing sweatpants far too often and washing my hair not often enough.
I moved my "studio" into the loft and the kid's playroom into the room off the kitchen.
I have yet to organize it, but when I do it will be great.
I made some super simple laundry detergent and love it. {will share recipe soon}
Trying to eradicate the annual flea frenzy with vacuuming, bathing pets and diatomaceous earth because I got scammed by True North for $150 of non existent flea meds.  300 bites later{they only bite me}and still no resolution.
Glad to have nothing standing between me and the Christmas Season.
Thinking and talking about what we would name a third child should we decide to have one after thinking we were ready to stop at two...I plead insanity and amnesia.
Feeling a little restless and buried, yet still grateful for the amazing life I have been given to live.  Just need to pull out of the fog of strewn about toys, put another load of laundry on, and keep moving forward.

go gently + be wonderful



  1. yippee.. would love to see your writings. your heart. your sweet family more again.. so keep blogging beautiful mama! ;o) Thanks for singing to my soul with Iron&Wine, always love them.
    needle and nest design

  2. it can be hard to cut through the mama-fog and find your own inspiration... I know I struggle with that constantly...

    Thanks for the updates, when and however you make them. You're both a commiseration (I'm not the only one!) and an inspiration (you're doing so much!)

  3. Pretty sure I could have written this post myself. Mothering experiences (and challenges) are so similar and I suppose that is very comforting.

  4. I love you. Plus I have been thinking about the practice of Ahimsa a lot lately- and just letting the moment be what it is without judging it. Letting is be, pass by, living without resisting. And I love you.

  5. I placed an order of Flea and Tick products from as well. Received nothing after one month. Sent them emails and no answer. Called their 1-800 and no one answered. Scam for sure. Just want to let other people know.


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