Monday, July 25, 2011

peaches + rain

The morning air is scented with peaches and rain with an undertone of coniferous.  I am reminded of childhood.  Sundays have become our favourite day as we watch reluctant cars make their way back to their respective cities and we putter in the yard and house unfettered by travel or traffic.

We moved the woodpile to make way for the coming chicken coop.  We hope to build the chicken coop in the next couple of weeks and get four laying hens soon after.  As Mike moved the woodpile he kept finding snake skins which we showed to Poppy and admired closely.  Then, as he neared the bottom of the pile, three snakes slithered out.  We lifted the pallets up to find holes in the ground and the snakes kept returning looking rather confused.  My heart broke for them as they slid away to find new shelter.  These Garter snakes are harmless and timid little creatures.  Rationally, I do know this, but it has awakened a limb-numbing fear in me.

I should first tell you that I can't remember the last time I even saw a snake before moving here, but I would bet it was at least a decade, maybe even two.  But since moving here I have had 13 very close encounters with them and as I said, I have realized I have a totally irrational and paralyzing fear of them.  Now I am not a squeamish girl and have been known to save spiders and earwigs from death by carrying them outside to safety.  When I mentioned this surge in snake sightings, a dear friend sent me this link about snake totems.  I do feel as though I am on the verge or in the midst of a rebirth living here in the trees.  I welcome the snakes, I just ask that they don't freak me out.  They have my full attention and respect.

We cut the lawn, hung laundry, bought all sorts of paint to brighten our bedrooms and hallway, painted the hallway in 'Unicorn White', weeded the garden, found a most perfect door for our chicken coop at a nearby junk + antique barn, and then in the late afternoon, made our way to the lake for a tourist free dip.

I am reminded yet again of how blessed and marvelous this life is.

go gently + be wonderful



  1. hey mama!

    Snakes just aren't peachy with me... yah I'm a total woose-bag with the slippery slither factor - ugh! I remember my Dad telling me to walk loudly and they would get out of my way at a cabin.. I practically got shin splints pounding along the mud ground. ;o) good luck out there.. can I come visit - and stay inside!? heh. NO really, glad you're in your haven!
    needle and nest design.

  2. Oh Erin, I can totally commiserate with you on this irrational snake fear. They seem to go in cycles out here on our rural patch. The Man constantly reminds me about how beneficial they are, but I just can't get over it. An old friend also told me to keep my head up and my step firm and I would never see them. Give me a spider any day (I must post that photo of myself with the turantula crawling around me to my blog, LOL)

  3. i'm glad to hear that things are going so well for you. :) it's a tiring but really lovely process to make a house a home.
    i feel the same about spiders btw. but the more i learn of their very necessary place on our planet, the less afraid of them i become.

  4. We love our work weekends here...lots of little and big jobs get done, usually followed by a trip to the beach. We've been so busy this summer...and have wood to get at too! I respect snakes as well...I just ask them to not slither out so darn quickly, please! I don't see many here, but have had to share my house with mice (just saw one a minute ago)...sigh. Still, country living is where it's at.


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