Thursday, July 14, 2011

make pretty things or bust

This year, instead of my usual hand drawn signs I thought I would go for a more polished look with my signage.  This means I have to organize and focus on what I want to make and sell well before the show.  I am happy with the results.  This year, I will be making wish bracelets.  I love the understated beauty of these. If my style were a bracelet, this would be it.  

I will also be choosing a series of photos that define "beauty in the details" and adding inspirational quotes perfect for those corners of the home needing inspiration and joy.  Tiny, pretty reminders to be mindful and ever-present.

As I begin making pretty things for the first time in nearly a year, I realize something about myself: if I don't make time for pretty things, I will suffocate.  They don't have to be particularly brilliant or artistic, but I must do it.  I usually do quite well at the Peterborough Folk Festival, but this year it is more about the process.  Of course we could use the money, but I am realizing that this is more of a sanity saving project than a money making one.  If I can cover my costs and keep making things, this Mama will be sustained.

I enjoy finding the look and feel.  
I love coming up with creative/minimal packaging.  
I love melding words and stories into the tiny things I make.
I love bringing it all together in an attempt to make it all contradicting and cohesive. 

I struggle with calling myself an artist or a photographer because I don't paint or play an instrument or have formal training.  I have an old school definition of what an artist is dancing around this head of mine, but I am learning to ignore it and make for the sake of making; make for the sake of sanity.  Because we're all artists and photographers in our own rite if we'd only let go and ride the wind.

More to come, deer hearts.

go gently + be wonderful



  1. oooh, I'll gush at you too.. I'm still so excited to see you stuff again - it always feels like coming home. ;o)
    I'll even let you rub my baby belly! haha

  2. I had hoped to be able to put together a table for the Ptbo. Folk Festival this year, by the time table registration opened I felt overwhelmed by the idea...good for you for going for it though, I'm hoping to at least visit the festival this year~I'll watch for your table :)

  3. I can totally understand where you're coming from with the desire to stay sane through the process of creativity. As mamas, so much of ourselves is given to others. We need to find something that is "ours" to help recharge our emotional batteries. Love the bracelets. They are beautiful in their simplicity.

  4. I too have realized that I need to make for the sake of making, and that as long as I can earn enough at craft fairs to keep on creating, that's enough for me.

  5. I struggle with calling myself an artist as well. So funny that that label causes so many images to flood into my brain (all so very far from me). You're right, we are all artists, we are all makers and creators. We all just need to own it and not be intimidated by the title.


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