Monday, July 11, 2011

Fridge Organization 101

I love Pinterest and I just adore the idea of Pinning Real Life.  There are just so many good things to be made, decorated, re-purposed, and organized!  So in an attempt to motivate and organize myself, I will try to work my way through my Good Ideas Board and share the results with you as I go.

A few weeks ago I made the Bleach Pen Tshirt.  This week, I cleaned my fridge {original pin found here}.  I know, I know, not too exciting or crafty, but without organization, this mama can't create.  And since tossing everything in on moving day it has been making me bonkers with all its discombobulation.

I am not sure why I never thought of using plastic bins in the fridge before, but it is pure genius.  No more taking 15 jars out to get to the jam or mayo in the back.  No more hidden corners where leftovers go to die.  Spills are contained to one bin instead of creeping through the whole fridge.  An organized fridge is a thing of magic.  Magic, I tell you.  You may have noticed the middle door shelf is missing.  It was the one casualty of this project {likely due to the fact that I had a cranky 10 month old strapped to my back, but it did make me get ruthless with our over abundance of condiments so it was a blessing in disguise I guess.  Seriously, who has that many condiments?

One of my other favourite parts of the new organization was the creation of a snack bin for the kids {original pin found here}.  A place to keep pre-cut cheese, fruit, veggies, snack sized yogurt and apples sauce, etc.  I also keep two sippy cups ready to go here so we can keep track of whose is whose and cuts down on the cheese making sippy cups we find under couches and car seats.  Simplicity at its finest eh?

The only thing left to do is to label the bins so it stays this way.

Details for those who are inspired to clean their fridges:

Top shelf: snack sized foods and one bin with jams and other spreads

Middle Shelf:  Drawer used for extra bags of milk {yes, in Canada we get our milk in bags...I didn't know this was unusual until they mentioned it on 30 Rock}.  Under the drawer is the kid's snack bin.  Beside that is the dairy bin.

Bottom Shelf:  Space for leftovers, milk, juice and water and a bin of most popular condiments

Bottom Drawer #1: Veggies

Bottom Drawer #2:  Fruits

Top Side Shelf: Butter, cheese slices, brick cheese, eggs, smaller items I use regularly.

Bottom Side Shelf:  Salad dressings and marinades

I don't know about you, but I feel good.  I promise to do a more interesting Pin next time.

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  1. fridge organization is genius! i remember seeing a picture of tara thayer's fridge - she had baskets of various sizes holding fruits and vegetables, and it looked so dang pretty! i think i'm going to scour the house (and the thrift store) for some storage bins. thank you for sharing!

  2. i miss the bags of milk. i never thought of plastic totes either. hmm.

  3. I love this idea! Of course I had to enlarge the picture to see what yummy stuff is in your fridge! Mmmm, I'm hungry now!

  4. oh no, I love this. suddenly inspired to clean my fridge :)

  5. Brilliant!! I have a very TINY fridge... this might help me out ^_^

  6. WOW!! this is brilliant!
    i love that you've joined in :)


  7. When the kids were little, I had a bin just for burger/weiner condiments. It worked well all year long, but in the summer it was a life saver!

  8. These are some great ideas! Especially for kids, they will be ale to go to the fridge and know where to find what they are looking for an where to put it back again. I can't wait to try some fridge organization of my own! Also I was thinking with the bins they organize everything so well that stuff won't get pushed to the back and be forgotten about which means a little less waste. Thanks so much for this post! :)


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