Monday, April 4, 2011

Guest Blogger Melissa Bothwell-Inglis of Needle + Nest Design

I have said it before and I will say it again, I have so many new and wonderfully talented people scattered throughout my life and today I thought I would share just one with you.  

Mel of Needle and Nest is a relativley new friend, but a kindred soul no doubt what with our mutual love of gnomes and birds.  I was blessed to do the Makers of Things Christmas Craft Buffet with her and have a few of her lovely creations hanging on our walls as a result  All of her creations have a most perfect touch of whimsy and sweetness.  Be sure to check out her breathtaking paintings as well.

Local folks can find her work at the upcoming springkle craft show and at Glow Maternity in Peterborough.

If you are interested in finding out more or purchasing her handmade goodness you can contact her by blog.


All my life I have loved art, creating, and interior design.  As a child I loved building forts with bedsheets, as a teenager it was a moroccan hippy lounge with hanging scarves, as a mom it's the joy of creating a happy space for my daughter.  When we moved into our new home last summer I was eager to have a fresh palette to work with.  I first fell in love with the window nooks found upstairs [having always adored the idea of cuddling up in a cozy corner with a book, cup of tea, my two cats, daughter, books, stuffed animals..etc]!
I found a fresh apple green paint to go in our daughter Azriel's room.  The accent colours are turquoise and melon pinks/oranges.  Every corner of her bedroom is filled with little creations I have lovingly sewed, painted, and crafted for her over these past one and a half years of her life.  She is definitely my 'main muse' for creating lately it seems!

 Cat/Ladder:  My daughter loves her cats, and I couldn't resist sewing this fun feline.  We grabbed an old ladder from a yard sale and painted it to go in her corner to hold blankets.

Window Nook:  Took an ugly old wooden bench, painted it sage green and upholstered it with stripey fabric.  Made most of the pillows on the bench.  Sewed the foxy lil' couple, Mr.Fox and Foxy Lady who seem to love their view!

Fabric banner:  A simple project for anyone who loves fabric... cut into triangles and sew a playful banner for your kids room.

Curtain/Headboard: I wanted light/bright curtains for her room, so I bought some fun fabric and attempted to sew a straight line for once in my life!  The headboard I had built years ago with my Dad.  I still love it to this day.

Mobile:  The first of many bird mobiles I have since made.  My husband and I found a great root from our favorite park, hollowed it out and attached the fabric birds.  You can find similar ones that I have made at GLOW.

Paintings:  I wanted a playful approach to these paintings.  We have always loved 'woodland' themes - even our wedding was that, so I had fun making these for her room.


  1. Awe, this post has two of my fav mamas combined! :) Lovely!!

  2. sweetness... thank you for that kind post! :o)

  3. Such a lovely visit through Azriel's room! Love the colours you chose! I remember those 3 woodland paintings from her first bedroom, and how taken I was with them. :)
    The root & bird mobile is just so whimsically awesome! I have friends having babies left, right & centre, so will have to visit Glow & take a peek at your other mobiles there!


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