Thursday, February 3, 2011

gretta grundle

I would like you to meet Gretta Grundle.  Over the recent holidays I became a little braver in my sewing adventures after a fairly successful venture into some simple quilts for the bird + gnome this Christmas (more on that project later) .  As I mentioned before, I would like to re-open my little Etsy shop someday soon and am hoping to carry some more unique handmade items.  I found the pattern in this shop.    Other items I am looking at are fabric shoes and slippers, the prayer pillow, and some other items still in the design process.

As soon as Poppy saw the finished Grundle she exclaimed "rat!" (which is rabbit in Poppy speak) and ran off with her happily. Silas is quite taken with her floppy arms, legs and ears which are perfect for chubby baby hands to grasp and pull and all the better for chewing.

It would appear that something has indeed broken open inside of me.  The fog is lifting and I feel a creative fire warming me from the inside out.  I am still a newbie sewer and am often painstakingly slow as I work through a pattern and learn the inner workings of my new sewing machine, but I press forward.

I suddenly feel as though I have so much to say and share with you again.  Recipes,  photos, projects, choices and thoughts.  The transition to two has been tough, but I feel my feet planted firmly beneath me again.  Now to find my stride.  There will always be transitions to navigate as a wife and mama, but at the end of every day I feel as though I have learned something more about the gentle warrior within.

A woman's power lies in her gentleness.
We are all warriors in our own right.

So that is Gretta Grundle and the lesson I learned in the process of making her.

go gently + be wonderful



  1. How lovely! Glad to hear your fire is warming up again. I keep taking mental notes as I watch your journey, for the day I have little ones of my own. You seem like a completely different person from that girl long ago who was struggling through school looking at people's teeth! It's been so nice watching you come into your own.

  2. so adorable!
    and i'm right there with you on the sewing adventures...i still haven't worked out most of my machine.

  3. So cute! I can't wait for your shop to reopen. :)

  4. Truly wonderful... all of it. :)

  5. I am doing what Ana is doing. You are shining quite a light for us Mamas to be someday, through it all! Wonderful to see you bursting into color again!

    And I love Gretta Grundle! What fun!

  6. Looking forward to hearing more! You've been busy ;)

    ps. we oughta get the girls together!

  7. Gretta...crazy beautiful wonderful!

  8. I've used the fire metaphor a lot lately...for everything in my life: creativity, parenting, marital takes a spark, some kindling, and some patience...but fire can be coaxed from even the coldest of ashes. Bless you as you navigate the journey. We're still adjusting to the demands of parenting three, and finding more balance everyday: his needs, their needs, my needs, then...our needs as a family. Your bunny is quirky and beautiful, unique and randomly put together into a perfect whole...a metaphor for mothers everywhere!

  9. I love Gretta! Love hearing from you more often too.

  10. she is wonderful! I am sorry to tell you that you have been bit by the sewing bug and the only treatment is to continue to sew!
    thanks for sharing her-- hope you make many more too.

  11. Excellent! I am so excited to see all that you will share with us in the coming months!

  12. Another who is taking note -mentally preparing for someday motherhood. And for a newbie sewer, my goodness Gretta is magnificent!


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