Monday, February 28, 2011

cabin fever...quite literally

We have been dreaming of our house in the country for some time now and it would seem that having your house for sale makes time go markedly slower.  Our real estate agent described the process perfectly in a word: unnerving.  The constant cleaning and waiting mixed with the February blahs is making us edgy to say the least.
We popped into view the house we have been fantasizing about for weeks now and were not disappointed by its character, history, and charm.  Not to mention its surprising functionality as a family home!
Some of our favourite things include the 3.5 acres and free use of the surrounding 75 wooded acres with 20 acre pond, the 134 year old log cabin section with redone floors and foundation, the berries and fruit trees planted on the property.  I also love that there is a site on the property upon which there were First Nations healing ceremonies preformed, three tame wolves were buried by a previous owner with a bison skull to protect them, and a trail called "Poppy's Trail" on the adjoining acreage.

apron strings

I haven't done this since little school!

::Poppy's birthday treasures::
Sea Pottery from Rome, a chunk of amethyst + the Geode Dada couldn't crack open despite his best efforts.

Her eyes lit up at the amethyst and sun-catcher
We made her birthday necklace together

I found a handmade wooden barn at the local thrift store for $8.00 which inspired the gift of all these detailed and realistic farm animals which she ADORES.

::My favourite thrifted Pyrex bowl + wooden spoon::

Sending positive energy out into the Universe.

go gently + be wonderful



  1. i think everything will work out for you! i know it will!

  2. Erin, I am sending you the best, juiciest, most positive mojo I've got, sister!

  3. Fingers crossed and lots of love. What wonderful photos!

  4. oh! that log cabin! the best kind of cabin fever to have!

    and it looks like you all had a wonderful time celebrating miss poppy's special day!

  5. Lovely pottery shards...hoping you get over your 'fever' soon!...

  6. You have no idea how much I would LOVE to escape to that place right now!!! Living the suburbe life takes its toll on som many levels...long days, many a playdate, work at the invite to run for the boeard of ED!!! {who wudda guessed THAT?!},a missng pup, and 3 tired + sad littles. It make me just want to run away and start again. In so many ways, this community is all I've ever wanted, yet at times, I feel mysel pulling away and wishing for only the intimacy of my own
    thanks for the lovely photos and for being a sounding board.

  7. Wow, that place sounds amazing, no wonder you guys have been fantasizing! I would too! I will certainly keep you in my thoughts, sending you house-selling vibes!

  8. P.S. Poppy is so stinkin' adorable!!!


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