Wednesday, August 11, 2010

This summer is proving to be relentless with thick humidity and singing cicadas.
The days are slow.
Between the heartburn, the heat, the aching pelvis and tailbone, a starfished toddler, and thoughts of the upcoming c-section and leaving Poppy, I get minimal sleep.
I  am going stir crazy though it has been nice to get out to the Early Year Center for air conditioned playing and circle time (of which Poppy wants no part).

As my heart aches for Autumn and feeling like myself again, I have found some {free!} knitting patterns I would like to tackle in the coming days, weeks, months...years?  Ambitious? Perhaps, but since money is tight and time is abundant I figure I could put my hands to good use making clothes for the family rather than buying them.

go gently & be wonderful



  1. Some great projects picked out there! I had two August births and remember very well the discomfort and weight of the weather. Hang in there! Your little miracle will be here soon and the pregnancy nothing more than memory.

  2. I love the "Plain and Simple Pullover." Its gorgeous!

    I hope you're feeling okay today. I am such a bitch with the heat and I don't even have an excuse. You could get away with murder. ;)

  3. amanda - django mangoAugust 11, 2010 at 5:51 PM

    i have about 10 binders chock full of knitting patterns if you would like to go through them. i also have a binder full of retro knitting patterns if you'd like to try to tackle converting them to modern knitting abbreviations. i could help!

  4. Love the cowl! These would sure keep you busy - and inspired )


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