Friday, August 13, 2010

Rather than bore with the details of these final days of pregnancy, I will share a pretty photo or a lovely link from time to time instead.


A sweet print

My feet are swollen, but I can't stop lusting after these shoes

Love this bag and where did she get those boots?!

I am obsessed with this yellow and always lusting after bags I can't buy

Well, that was almost as fun as shopping.

go gently & be wonderful


  1. Oooh yes. Everything in this post is just so lovely!
    Been thinking about you and the little belly baby lots lately! :)

  2. Very lovely. I especially love those shoes, they remind me of ballet slippers (for which I am a sucker).

  3. Lovely post! But, final details aren't boring! I for one, want to know anything and everything! :) Be well, sister!


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