Tuesday, March 15, 2011

well i'll be darned...

Would you look at that! I completed my first seamless hand knit garment. I began in the month leading up to Christmas and became confused (what with also teaching myself to quilt simulaneously) and had to rip {my heart} out. I was thoroughly annoyed, dropped it like it was hot, and ignored the wadded up ball of yarn for months {that'll teach 'em}.

Then, in the grey days of February my fingers became itchy and I tried again and suddenly everything became clear and I wondered how I ever struggled. Just last week I finished it with not even a single mistake! I did however make it the length as directed, but find it looks a little squat when not being worn though it looks fine on. Also I wasn't willing to put all my hard work in jeopardy by attempting the various cable knitting included in the pattern.

Next, I will make a yellow one a little smaller and perhaps a little longer.

I used the Milo vest pattern found here.

We have put an offer in on "our" cabin.  I thought doing this would add unecessary stress on us about selling this house, but it has given me an easy peaceful feeling.  I know now that we have done everything in our power to be where we want to be and the rest is up to the Universe.
Lots of things need to fall into place; the biggest thing being selling this house for the price we need.  We could be bumped for a better offer.  They could refuse our offer.  We could go months without selling this place.  We have had a good amount of interest, a few 'almost offers', and lots of good feedback, but we are still waiting.
It is tough being in limbo like this especially as spring fever creeps in and I yearn to fluff my nest.  The Law of Attraction tells us to live as though we already have what we want.  It's tough when you want chickens, woods to roam through, and privacy and can't logically have any of that without moving.  That being said, I have decided to shift my thinking and do what I can in the now while putting my trust in the hands of the all-knowing Universe.

"Now is the time to live your ideal life."

go gently + be wonderful


  1. adorable pictures. :) i wish i could actually like knitting...
    good luck with the house. <3

  2. Congrats! I've never knitted anything like that before {seamless and whatnot}, but I am so inspired! Thanks for the heads up on the pattern!

    And by the way, you and your mister kind of make one face eh? What adorable children!!

  3. That looks awesome Erin! Thanks so much for sending me the email response to our kijiji-house search, it's awesome to know that there are others travelling (albeit more successfully LoL) the same road we're trying to. I hope your offer is accepted and everything falls into place - it's so hard 'needing' to be somewhere else leading a different life and having all these pesky things like house sales standing in the way!! Good luck guys!! You kiddos are ADORABLE!

  4. Knitting in the round is my favorite way of knitting. I love the Milo pattern, it's easy to play with it. I did a playdress style of Milo a few weeks ago here's a link http://countyclothcreations.blogspot.com/search/label/knitting

    I like you grey colour too :)


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